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Thursday, October 28 2021
Resources for Relocating to Colorado Springs

Relocating to a different city, whether that be 50 miles away or 500 miles away, can come with all sorts of stressors and headaches. Just handling the basics of where will you live, will you rent or buy, and finding a new job can be overwhelming! Not to mention simply adapting to life in a new city… what will be your new favorite coffee shop? Where’s the closest post office? What is the best local spot for Thai food? AHH!

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Tuesday, September 07 2021
Sprucing Up Your Home's Interior

Although it is hard to picture now, before we know it the temperatures will start to dip and we can expect to see frost on our lawns and windshields in the morning. Fall in Colorado is right around the corner, and honestly, we think it is one of the most beautiful times to live here in Colorado Springs and at the base of the Rocky Mountains. However, with cooler weather comes more time spent indoors. Those hiking boots might get a bit of a rest and that mountain bike might return to its place in the garage. For some of you, this might sound like an unwelcome shift in your daily activities.

If you are someone who lives for their outdoor activities here in Colorado, sprucing up your home's interiors could be a tactic for making the shift to colder days more palatable. Consider infusing some color, warmth, and style into your surroundings so that you might even *gasp* look forward to spending some time indoors. Here are ideas for helping spruce up your home in the coming months.

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Tuesday, July 27 2021
Keeping You, and Your Financials, Safe This Summer

Tis the season of travel, and that means that you might be swiping that credit card in different states or pulling out cash from ATMs you’ve never used before. This also means that you could be opening yourself up to virtual threats you would either-wise not encounter. Barbara was recently traveling and when she got home, she found several charges on her credit card that did not belong to her. They started off small and rather innocuous- most likely waiting to see if she would notice and gearing up for a bigger purchase down the road. This frustrating incident for Barbara got us thinking… how can you protect yourself and your assets while traveling? Here are a few ideas we’d like to share:

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Wednesday, June 23 2021
Your Certified SRES Agent

Throughout her 42 years of working in the real estate industry, Barbara Harris has seen, worked with, and helped LOTS of different types of people. From first time home buyers to those buying multiple investment properties, home buyers and their needs are as unique as the houses they look at and buy. However, there is one area of real estate that Barbara holds near and dear to her heart. That is because she is an SRES agent.

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Wednesday, May 19 2021
Home Buying: How to Set Your Offer Apart from Others'

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a home of your own. Congratulations! But first, we want to make sure you understand that the market here in Colorado Springs is TIGHT. Inventory is moving fast and buyers are putting in multiple offers. Because of this, you will want to ensure that your offer is airtight and stands out from the others. How do you achieve this? See our five tips below on setting your bid apart and helping you to (hopefully!) be the winning offer. 

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