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Wednesday, March 10 2021
Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

It’s been one of the longest years ever…. and it’s only March! If you are anything like us here at Harris Group Realty, you are counting down the days until we can break out the sunscreen, hit the trails, and absorb some of that beautiful Colorado sun.

While we might still be a moment away from basking in the warm sunshine, Spring is right around the corner and will be creeping in before we know it. Because of this, we want to share a few things you can do now to help prepare your home for the warmer days ahead.

Clean your gutters. By cleaning your gutters, you can help prevent any water damage that may occur when Spring showers start working on generating those May flowers.

Prep your garden. Take some time to clear out the sticks, weeds, mulch, and debris that might have accumulated over the winter. Remove all things in the way until you have clean bare soil ready for planting.

Clean outdoor furniture. Prep your outdoor furniture for the warmer days and nights ahead. Depending on the material, there are a few approaches for cleaning your furniture. For cloth, warm water and dish soap is a safe method to remove debris and dust that might have gathered. If you have metal, wicker, or plastic furniture, visit this article from HGTV to learn more.

Clean out your Dryer Vent. Dryer vents should be cleaned a minimum of once a year- or more depending on the size of your family and the frequency with which you do laundry. Start with visually inspecting your vents from the outside to check for any clogs or blockages. Next is removing lint build-up. Here is a handy article from HuffPost about properly maintaining your dryer.

While doing chores around the house is nobody’s favorite pastime, taking these few quick steps will help you be in a better spot once the Colorado sunshine is strong and the days are warmer and longer. What other items would you add to our springtime prep list? Let us know by reaching out on our Facebook, Instagram, or website.  

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