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Wednesday, June 23 2021
Your Certified SRES Agent

Throughout her 42 years of working in the real estate industry, Barbara Harris has seen, worked with, and helped LOTS of different types of people. From first time home buyers to those buying multiple investment properties, home buyers and their needs are as unique as the houses they look at and buy. However, there is one area of real estate that Barbara holds near and dear to her heart. That is because she is an SRES agent.

What does SRES mean? SRES stands for Senior Real Estate Specialist. This means that Barbara is certified in helping guide seniors over the age of 50 through major lifestyle transitions- whether that is moving to a home more suitable for their needs, buying something more comfortable in size for them, or helping them sell real estate that is no longer needed. As well, part of obtaining the SRES designation means that Barbara has received specific training in all aspects of these lifestyle changes for seniors. There are many difficult conversations that need to be had, not only with the seniors themselves, but with family as well. Priorities need to be set and a clear path for obtaining these goals outlined. Frequently, there are many possessions that need to be either sold, donated, or bequeathed to family. All of these are aspects which the SRES training covers.

All real estate agents are eligible to be an SRES designated agent, it just takes a bit more education and training. In order to obtain an SRES designation, a real estate agent must complete the following:

1. Maintain an active NAR membership

2. Complete the Senior Real Estate Specialist designation course

3. Maintain active membership in the SRES council

Frequently, the process of either downsizing, selling a family property, or prioritizing possessions can be an emotional experience for all involved. Adult children want what is best for their parents and the parents want the best possible outcome with the support of their family. These tenuous situations are what makes SRES agents so valuable.

If you are a senior facing one of these situations, or a family member who has a loved one approaching this point in life, take the stress out of these conversations and events and work with an SRES designated realtor. For our friends here in the Colorado Springs area, Barbara would be happy to step in and help with your senior real estate needs. Feel free to reach out to her at or 719-227-9900.

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