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Tuesday, September 07 2021
Sprucing Up Your Home's Interior

Although it is hard to picture now, before we know it the temperatures will start to dip and we can expect to see frost on our lawns and windshields in the morning. Fall in Colorado is right around the corner, and honestly, we think it is one of the most beautiful times to live here in Colorado Springs and at the base of the Rocky Mountains. However, with cooler weather comes more time spent indoors. Those hiking boots might get a bit of a rest and that mountain bike might return to its place in the garage. For some of you, this might sound like an unwelcome shift in your daily activities.

If you are someone who lives for their outdoor activities here in Colorado, sprucing up your home's interiors could be a tactic for making the shift to colder days more palatable. Consider infusing some color, warmth, and style into your surroundings so that you might even *gasp* look forward to spending some time indoors. Here are ideas for helping spruce up your home in the coming months.

Paint: Changing the color of a few walls could make a huge difference in your home's atmosphere and is an easy task to do. In 2021, we started to see shift away from all the grey-toned palates, to a trend of more warming browns. These colors like toffee, ginger, oak, and coffee can  be just a versatile while creating a deeper sense of coziness in  your space. No need to go crazy and paint all of your walls a brown-tone. Pick a few and create a comforting back drop for almost any look you want.

Accent Pieces: A new rug here, a new picture there. Try infusing some new scenery in your home through accent pieces. Consider taking the time to print family images or photos you have taken while traveling and find fun frames to prop or hang around your house. Not only will these help to change up your space, but they will remind you of happy times and people you love. If your walls are already at max capacity and can't sport another image, try new throw pillows for your bed or couch or a new carpet for a pop of color and design in your space.

Rearrange Furniture: Not into activities that require breaking open the wallet? Consider rearranging, or refurbishing, what you already own! Moving some furniture around can make your space feel like a whole new room without rushing out to your local home goods store.

There are lots of ways to bring a new look to your space, and right now could be the perfect time to try a few of these out before you have to be inside on those cold winter days. Or, if maybe you are looking for a new space all together… call Barbara Harris! Harris Group Realty can help get you into a new, inspired space before you know it.

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