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Friday, April 15 2022
Barbara Harris is a HomeLight Certified Agent!

In a fierce market like the one we are in now, it is essential to prioritize having the most competitive offer for the home buying process. Of course, there are plenty of traditional strategies buyers could implement, but new tools and techniques have recently come on the market that offers new avenues to consider in the home buying process. HomeLight Trade-In is one of these new tools designed to provide buyers with that necessary competitive edge in securing their dream home.

Barbara Harris is a certified HomeLight agent and works with their organization to help calculate and give the buyer a strong offer on their current home. With this offer on their existing home secured, the client can then turn around and put in competitive offers free of lending or home sale contingencies on a new home. Once their offer is accepted on the new home, the sale with HomeLight goes through in just a matter of days. This process allows the client to move into their new home on their schedule. Lastly, if the original home sells for more than the purchase price, HomeLight will give the client the additional amount!

In today's day and age, it is commonplace to order last-minute items on a shopping list with the click of a button, summon a car to pick you up while you lace up your shoes, and indulge in your favorite restaurant without ever having to change out of your sweatpants. These services provide us with a convenience that allows us to tackle other parts of our busy lives- and this convenience also expands to real estate. Tools such as HomeLight Trade-In provides consumers with comfort, reliability, and convenience.

If you are ready to explore this option for the sale of your own home, reach out to Barbara today and learn more!

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