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The Barbara Harris Team Wants To Help

Established by The Barbara Harris Team, specialists in Colorado Springs real estate, this website is a perfect resource for all of your home buying and selling needs. If you are looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs, you will find this website’s advanced property search, our featured listings, and the ability to sign up for email updates for home listings, are amazing tools for your home search. We even have resources for those looking to buy a home in one of Colorado Springs many great 50+ Lifestyle or those who need assistance during a Military Relocation. If you are selling real estate in Colorado Springs you can find valuable information on how to prepare a home for sale, receive free estimates on a home’s value, and much more. For all of your Colorado Springs real estate needs, don’t hesitate to contact The Barbara Harris Team today!

Are you in the market for a home but the current state of affairs makes you wonder if you should get out? Contact the agents at Harris Group Realty, Inc. Any one of us is more that happy to start by doing the legwork for you! Let us pull all the pertinent information and then do a virtual tour with you. We would be happy to visit the home, take pictures and video and address any questions you have. Please give us a call today, it's virtually a no-brainer! 😁 (719) 227-9900

Renovations Before Listing
Renovations Before Listing

Depending on your home's condition, your financial situation and time available, it may be worth your while to make some inexpensive to mid-range upgrades. Here are a few to consider:

  • Paint walls and ceilings
  • Paint the front door
  • Replace a damaged garage door
  • Replace worn or outdated carpet/floors
  • Update lighting fixtures
  • Update cabinet hardware
  • Change out countertops
  • Replace failing or old appliances
  • Replace light switch and plug covers
  • Clean or replace front door hardware
  • Paint or replace mailbox and house numbers

*Always be sure to consult with local building codes to determine if a repair or upgrade requires a licensed professional.

Maximize Sales Impact
Maximize Sales Impact

umYou want to sell your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Calling Harris Group Realty Inc. and also staging can help on both fronts. The Real Estate Staging Association claims that staging a vacant home shrinks the average days on the market from 107 to 18!

Properties that have been occupied for several decades can often appear cluttered and dated. Some people have stopped paying attention to design trends and believe that it's best "to let the next person pick their own style and wall colors". Unfortunately, this attitude ignores two market realities: Staged homes are more likely to sell faster and for a higher price.

Buyers preferences and expectations have changed. According to National Association of Realtors research, people currently aged 29 to 38 are the largest group of homebuyers, representing 26% of all buyers. These buyers often prioritize "move-in ready" homes over properties that require them to make improvements on their own or to delay the closing date.

When you call The Barbara Harris Team, the first thing we will do is counsel you about different scenarios. That is, what sales price can you expect to get for the home if you make no changes at all versus small or even substantial upgrades or improvements. 

One of the best things you can do to help sell your property is to declutter. 
1. Toss the trash - declutter (Go through every room of your house with a garbage bag AND a Donation bag)
2. Pare down furniture - minimal furniture for maximum effectiveness (Eliminate all unessential furniture or excessively worn or tired pieces)
3. Depersonalize - you love it, but they may not (The less your home looks like YOU the more someone else can see themselves in it)
3. Clear the surfaces - dust and dirt (Look at every flat surface in your home and give it a good wipe down. Again, less is more. Remove unnecessary items)
5. Unstuff the closets - make them spacious and airy (You know your love of denim and boots may not translate to your buyer. Slim down your closets so they appear to have plenty of room)

Colorado Springs Real Estate Information

Welcome to Colorado Springs! Once you have been here, you quickly see why Colorado’s second-largest city has been named one of America’s “Best Places to Live.” We continue to welcome new residents who want to live, work and play where the Rocky Mountains meet the modern amenities. Colorado Springs' unique culture combines with one of the country’s greatest real estate markets to create the perfect place for homebuyers.

Search: Colorado Springs Homes For Sale, 50+ Communities, Military Relocation, Colorado

Daily life in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas is filled with beautiful natural landscape and mild weather that makes recreational opportunities like golf, hiking, biking, fishing, skiing and much more, only a part of what has long attracted homebuyers. Of course, buying a home in Colorado Springs means you also have incredible access to the amazing metropolitan amenities. A wide variety of shopping options, from large national retailers to smaller locally-owned specialty shops, combine with dining establishments that have something for every craving. Colorado Springs’ arts and culture scene is alive and well and our art galleries, performance centers, sports teams and theatres provide a vibrancy to the city. Colorado Springs features a solid economy that is boosted by the presence of Fort Carson, Schriever Air Force Base, Peterson Air Force Base and the Air Force Academy, fantastic local schools and other businesses and industries. Everyone from young families to retirees love calling Colorado Springs their home!

A Message During This Time: COVID-19

(3/27/2020)To Our Valued Clients and Friends,

As we hunker down in our homes, working remotely, connecting with friends and family only from a distance, we may feel Fearful. Anxious. Uncertain. Bored. It feels a lot like winter. But all winters eventually give way to spring. We don’t know exactly when this winter will end, but we know that a spring will follow.

The beautiful gift of being human is that we are resilient and adaptable by nature. In Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities, we have experienced many crises both locally and nationally in the past. The beauty of being human is that we have a resourcefulness inside ourselves that helps us overcome these challenges.

I have found out over the years that every time I am challenged or experience something difficult in my life, I come out on the other side learning something valuable to help me through future challenges and difficulties. I challenge myself to look for the lesson I can learn so I can respond in a better way next time. I also rely on the “f” word - Faith.

Faith helps me through times of fear and uncertainty. It helps me find my center, to help myself, my team, and others work through this challenging time. As someone that use to stay up at night fraught with worry, I can attest that worry never helped me solve a problem but instead inflated the problem more.

I challenge you this week and the upcoming weeks of this quarantine to count your blessings. Write them down on a sheet of paper and in moments of fear and anxiety, take a moment and read through them. Look at this quarantine as a gift you have been given. Reach out to your distant friends and loved ones to make sure they are doing okay.

Check in on your neighbors to see if they need any groceries, prescriptions, or maybe just someone to talk to for a little while. Take some time for yourself whether it is reading a book, watching a movie on tv, or going for a long walk with music playing through your earphones.

Let’s make lemonade out of lemons and enjoy some time on your patio or deck. It won’t be long before spring is here, the quarantine will be over, and we will be back to our hectic lifestyles.


Barbara and Team

(3/20/2020)To Our Valued Clients,

The year 2020 has started out with a wild ride for most of us!  Who would have thought on January 1st that by mid-March we would be sequestered in our homes when not out searching for the almighty roll of toilet paper!  We have heard from many of you, and so far, no one has mentioned that they have contracted the Coronavirus, only stories about waiting in lines and amazed at the empty shelves in the grocery stores.

We are sad to hear of clients that must take unpaid time off from work to handle care for their children due to schools closing for an extended period of time, of our senior clients that are cloistered in their homes to protect them from this nasty virus, of our clients that work at our hospitals, of our firefighters and police that can’t say no to a call, of our local businesses that have willingly closed with the fear they may not be able to afford to reopen, and to anyone else impacted by this pandemic.

Let’s not let fear and anxiety take control of our lives. This is an opportunity to make some positive changes in our lives, to spend some time checking in on loved ones via telephone or video, to incorporate better hygiene practices into our lives, to show love and respect to others.  Tune out the misinformation and hype that is on some of the social media sites and make it a challenge to look for positive news each day. We are all impacted by this virus even if we don’t exhibit symptoms.

Call us, if you need anything. Our number is 719-227-9900. It doesn’t need to be about real estate. It can be a personal issue. We'll see if we can assist in some way. The bottom line is these are challenging times, and we are all in this together.

We want to reassure you that we will stay on top of what is happening in the real estate market and let you know of changes.  Buyers are still looking and making offers but we are hearing rumblings that activity is beginning to slow a bit.

One of our clients shared a great webinar presentation on the economic market and it took the stance that we would be in a recession for maybe 4 months but finish out the year with the economy improving.  We wish we had a crystal ball so we could reassure you that values and rents will continue to rise. We are not so sure we won’t have some adjustments in pricing and rents in the coming months. With people being laid off or losing their jobs, and baby boomers concerned that their retirement nest egg is dwindling, we could see some interesting changes in the marketplace.

Just remember, we have been in the ups and downs of this market for a very long time and know how to work both in good times and tough times. If you are worried about buying or selling right now, reach out and talk to us.  We may not have all the answers but together, we can forge a plan and help with making things work out for you.

We were here yesterday, and we are here today and tomorrow. We live in this community and we support each other 100%. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you know your trust in us isn’t taken for granted. We look forward to getting to the other side of this turmoil and to better times ahead!


Barbara Harris and The Barbara Harris Team

El Paso County Services During COVID-19

Citizens Service Center
1675 West Garden of the Gods Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Department Online Availability In-Person Service Status Other Notes
Department of Human Services Apply for benefits here Limited in-person services available only to people without internet access or other extreme circumstances Report child neglect or abuse at 1-844-CO4-KIDS, or elder abuse at 719-444-5755, or law enforcement
Public Health Services available here

COVID-19 information

No immunization or Family Planning services until further notice WIC by phone only; if you have questions call 719-578-3199
Pikes Peak Workforce Center Services available here Office visits limited to Unemployment Insurance services Business services by phone only, virtual job fairs ongoing
County Assessor Services available here Closed until April 6 Email questions to
County Treasurer Treasurer Services available here

Public Trustee services

services available here

Closed until April 6

All late fees will be waived through April 6

Property tax payments can be deposited at the drive-up ballot box located at 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd.

Centennial Hall
200 S. Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Department Online Availability In-Person Service Status Other Notes
Board of County Commissioners Board meetings are always broadcasted live through the website Members of the public are welcome to attend so long as social distancing can be maintained
Parking Garage near Centennial Hall N/A N/A Open free of charge

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
2880 International Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Department Online Availability In-Person Service Status Other Notes
Planning and Community Development Department website


Closed until April 6 Development applications can be submitted via EDARP
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